Thursday 13th October

Thursday 13th October

Thursday 13th October Available Girls: 

Thirsty Thursday

A Big Hello from us here at Escorts South Wales

Our morning news with who we have on today for you lovely guys and which of our Escorts can travel to where today. If you are looking for a British escort in Swansea, Cardiff, Surrounding Valleys you have come to the right place.


Today’s Escorts for Carmarthen and further west. 

Isla –9pm – Midnight

Escorts who can travel to Swansea are – 

Brooke –  12pm – 5pm

Kimberely – 4pm – Midnight

Cardiff Escorts are – 

Brooke – 12pm – 5pm

Kimberely – 4pm – Midnight

Isla – 6pm – 10pm

Helena – 7pm – Midnight 

Chelsea – 12pm – Midnight


(There is a travel fee for bookings outside Cardiff postal codes) Please ask on booking. 

Call 02922 331 165 for help with bookings.