In recent years escorting has changed from a dark, hidden world which was not frequently discussed to a commonly-known, widely accepted profession which draws women from all backgrounds and cultures to work in its modern, healthier, safer confines. Because it is now largely free of its previous negative connotations, escorting is a very real options for women in many situations who are looking for the higher wages, increased freedom and greater flexibility that escorting can offer over a far more ‘traditional’ 9-5 job role.

Many of the girls at Escorts South Wales do escorting as a full-time profession in itself. It offers huge flexibility so that girls like Adeline, Scarlett and Layla can pick their own hours and work when it suits them. On top of that, it offers a pay scale that is unmatched with almost any other job. Even higher levels of management in other industries cannot say that they make triple digits per hour! As an escort with Escorts South Wales you can take time off when it suits, work more hours when it suits, and only sign up to certain types of calls as well. This safety, flexibility and generous compensation mean that more girls than ever before pursue escorting as their new, improved 9-5.

And what about girls like Callie or Elle, who fit this around their day job? Or Cherie and Leah who come home from their 9-5 and begin escorting for a couple of hours? Girls who work part-time at Escorts South Wales often do a 9-5 during the day which is a career or passion of theirs before showering and changing, ready to absolutely make someone’s night with an unforgettable experience. They do this for a lot of reasons. Some are financial, as an extra few hundred pounds a week never goes amiss when it’s time to pay the bills. Others have such a high sex drive that they do it for fun, the extra money being just an added bonus. Yet more do it because they’re just getting started in escorting and want to dip their toe in the water before they go ahead and jump into the pool. Whatever their reason, they are able to use flexible escorting hours to complement their own lifestyle – whatever that means to them.

Then there are the students. Young, energetic, witty, intelligent and daring. Those are just some of the traits our younger student girls have. They use their youthful bodies and sharp minds to entertain clients in a number of ways, and in turn are free from the typical student lifestyle of worrying about whether to pay the gas bill or buy food. Instead, they have the disposable income to maintain a good standard of life whilst studying for their degree.

Many of the girls who are part-time or students go the full hog once they get a chance, shifting to full-time when possible. This is because when they taste earning multiple hundreds of pounds for a couple of hours work whenever it suits them, lots of them can’t imagine going back to a 12-hour day, 5 and a half day a week, low wage lifestyle.

Plus, the majority of them enjoy it too much to quit anyway!

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