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Winners at Aphrodite


Fight night was as explosive and tense as expected, with Anthony Joshua edging out a points based win over Joseph Parker. For many though, the night will be remembered for a whole different reason.

One of the heroes of the night who gained some popularity was not one of the boxers at all, but a random lad trying his luck. Fortune was more than with him, it seems, since he managed to blag his way past security without a ticket and get in to the fight. Not content with this, he then tried and succeeded to get in to the media room and even ringside. Our girls are charismatic and charming, but even they would have struggled to pull that off! He's currently being investigated, which seems like a bit of a downer on what is essentially a bit of light Welsh banter!

Another set of people getting in to otherwise inaccessible areas were our clients on fight night. Instead of breaking or bending rules or relying on luck to get where they needed to be, they relied on something altogether more upstanding and reliable - our young Welsh escort girls! Why take the risk when our fine escorts can get you into many of Cardiff's top bars and clubs ahead of the queues? Not only did their clients get to stroll past the rest of the punters waiting in the line outside (often in the rain - haha!), but they went inside to find tables already booked and reserved for them. Fantastic! This is what separates South Wales escorts from many other, lesser, agencies. Our escorts know that their role is to make sure the client is laid back, stress free and having fun at all times. It's the little things that count! You can benefit from our all-encompassing service as well by just getting and touch and seeing what we have on. You'll never know what you might come away with.

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