Hello Escort Lovers!

Summer is most definitely here in abundance, and nothing announces the arrival of summer like Wimbledon!

We just love watching the strength of those men with their powerful serve….we know you love watching the women with their cute skirts and shorts…the cute little Sharapova grunts and firm skin glistening in the sun!

Did you know, we can make your Wimbledon fantasies come true….Do you fancy being seduced on centre court by a young Russian tennis pro? Or is having a beasting off Serena more your thing?

Our escorts are masters at role play, so if watching the tennis gets you all hot under the collar next week, call our booking team here at Escorts South Wales. We can recommend a girl who will ‘serve’ you a great volley…and then it will be your very own ‘Game, Set and Match!’

To book your escorts in South Wales please call 02922331165

Written on: June 27, 2015 at 4:13 am by webadmin
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