Imagine this: Halloween, permission for naughtiness, a party with some of the most desirable escorts in South Wales and a raunchy 50 Shades theme – want to book now 02922 331165  Or maybe you want to hear some more?

First, there will be some quiet drinks amongst the girls all dressed for the part.  There will be leather and leads, straps and stockings – there will be masks and mesh – all to tempt tease.  They will patrol the room like black cats stalking you as prey, as you sip your ghoulish cocktails and snacking on the spooky sides.  Some women will demand you to cast your eyes down and others will seek out your eyes and ask you to offer your protection, your security and comfort.

Then, there will be games but not as you know it. Pin the tail, with a twist – dunk for – well that might not be apples.  Hide and seek, being teased and taunted as you pace through the darkened halls to find your beauty. All innocent fun till the lights go out and then who knows who will be lurking – be it a demon, or an imp, a witch or a siren.

Halloween is that one mysterious day before the kindness of the saints come to earth to protect us from evil over the dark winter months.  This is the eve before the holy comes to help, to offer hope.  But in this moment, when the good turn their eyes away and let the naughty play, you can have all the fun you can imagine.  Why should you miss out of such a great evening of fun and frolics?

The theme of 50 Shades is perfect Halloween fancy dress.  None of this scream mask or witches with warts to mar the beautiful of our ladies – instead you will be treated to thigh high leather stiletto boots and webbed gloves.  There will be sheered back and black hair pulled severely from the face with devilish twists and turns to eyeliner and lipstick.

There will be whips, strips, tethers and ties – and as much devilish behaviour as you want to stray into playing.  With your comfort in mind, at a moment’s notice and the mention of a word, your escorts mood can change from dominant straight through to submissive or vice versa – you remain throughout in control of the pleasure of this night.

So, if a night of devilish naughtiness appeals, contact us today to book your naughty night with our temptress girls. Call 02922 331165 or maybe visit now – at the darkest soul of Halloween is just the right amount of glimmer that says you deserve this night out with some naughty girls.

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