Why Students Turn To Escorting!

Why Students Turn To Escorting!

One of the most common questions our escorts get – whether from family or friends they choose to tell, clients, media or from any other place – is ‘Why do you do it?’. As if escorting is some last chance option that no person in their right mind would choose. Luckily, people are a lot more open-minded these days and have stopped acting like it’s 1812, but the question does still come up quite a lot.

The honest answer is it’s easy money! The beauty of escorting is that’s it’s unlike almost any job in the world. Not only do you make literally hundreds of pounds an hour and can pick your own working hours, but as a profession it’s recession-proof and technology-proof. No matter what happens in society, people will always want to connect on a physical level and satisfy their most basic human desires. If you were to design the perfect job, escorting would pretty much be it.

So how much does an escort make? And how much can they make? The answers to these questions show just how many students are not only using escorting to fund the expenses during their studies like rent and food, but how some are graduating with literally no student loan left to pay at all! The average escort can earn around £160 per hour, with bulk payments  for overnight appointments. If an escort needed the money and wanted to work a lot of hours, she could easily make in a month what most people do in a year. It’s not uncommon for our escorts to jet off to exotic foreign destinations on a regular basis!

Hollywood and the media like to portray escorting as scantily clad, shivering on a street corner in a bad part of town waiting for an unknown stranger to pull up in a car who may or may not be an evil person. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Our clients are vetted to make sure that they’re the right kind of client – professional, respectable, and more than willing to play by the rules. Our escorts work from vetted hotel rooms for outcalls or their (or our) own property for incalls. Safe, comfortable, and relaxing.

There are also all of the in-job perks which don’t even include the physical satisfaction. There are many ways that clients like to reward the professional escorts who they see – travel both nationally and internationally is not unheard of, as well as great meals at high class restaurants, VIP entry to events, and entry to events where you could be mixing and matching with some of Britain’s fattest wallets and sharpest minds. We even have a few high-class celebrities call for one of our professionals every once in a while!

Interested in becoming an escort? Curious and just have a few questions? Call us on 07730 532 328 and we’ll be happy to answer as many as you want to ask. We’re a friendly bunch and we understand how alluring yet scary becoming an escort can be, and we have lots of staff who have been through it who can answer it all. Why not take the first step on the path to a whole new life? After all, there’s nothing stopping you going back if you don’t fancy it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Give us a call!

Written on: February 12, 2019 at 12:03 pm by webadmin
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