Your sat at the footy, contemplating why there are eleven players in defence today, when your mind wonders away and you play out an elaborate dream evening with the perfect woman.

Your mates start jumping up and cheering and you are dragged back to the cold November evening, to find that the excitement was caused by the centre forward straying a metre over the centre line.  You realise it is going to be a long night in the bitter cold – and you need something better to warm up the evening.

Your imagination creates a beautiful woman who replaces the flood lit pitch in front of you.  She is smiling, looking just at you, as if no one else existed.  You are surrounded by 20,000 men and she is only interested in your face.  She is wearing a stunning dress, her make-up is subtle but highlights the size of the eyes and the plush curve of the lips.

She reaches out her hand and you take it.  She holds you hand the way you see people do in films, where fingers entwine in a gentle grip.  You walk with her in your imagination and side by side you walk towards the beach in your head.  Her dress morphs to a stunning bikini, with small diamond tassels running down the bronze curve of her thighs.  And, together you laugh.

A goal! For the other team… and your mates are growling and barking at the goalkeeper who stood still, no effort to make a save.

So, your mind returns to your girl, now in a dimly lit restaurant somewhere with a coconut tree. She wants to hear about your day and your problems.  She agrees that you deserve more pay, the better job and is passionate in her defence of your ideas.  She makes you feel like a king, the ruler of the whole world and you grow tall in your seat.  She strokes your cheek, your hand and smiles – and your insides churn.  

There is no risk of rejection in your imagination.  This beautiful woman has gathered you up and chosen you and so you are able to relax and be yourself.  It is uncomplicated, it is easy and you have never before felt this relaxed.  Really, your body is shuddering in the November wind and the half time pie has left you with burning indigestion.  But, it’s all fine in your mind because you are with her.

In these moments, relax and know that many millions of before you have hoped for the same thing – and have decided that calling – 02922 331165 – – could well be something that the imagination deserves. It is worth a thought in these complicated times – just to give your imagination what it wants.  We know Welsh women are awesome – but sometimes you just want a South Wales Escort for some simple, uncomplicated work on your favourite fantasy.

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