What happens when you are a proud Welsh rugby fan, a committed South Wales escort and all your clients are English? Wow, that is a tough gig, right? Nah, not for our girls.  We were completely booked up and all our clients came from over the border.  Maybe these guys smelt victory and were well up for a party to celebrate.  Our girls were more than happy to join the fun and had a great night by all accounts.

Of course, the match itself was epic.  It was probably one of the best rugby matches for a long time.  Both teams were on form – no one was playing badly – and for a long-time Wales bossed that game.  There was some great creativity from the Wales team and some obvious intent to smash the English off the park.  The early push for tries might have been seen as poor strategy in hindsight but at the time the push for the line was a great message to send to the English: we are coming to get you!

The English were lucky to scrape through with the victory, some would say.  Though not Nicole in the office, who assures us all that England rammed it to the Welsh and were deserving winners.  It is not a great time to be from Wales and know an English fan… Nicole is never gonna let us live this down.  The luck… or more commonly known as not playing for the 80 minutes… came from a hideous miskick that gave possession to the English backs who just used sheer pace to run it home.  Fair play – a timely try and the opportunity had to be taken.  But still, a gutter, right?

So, what happens then.  You’ve watched the game, the away side has won, your clients are all English and you are going out on the town in Cardiff… Well, this is rugby, right! You have a party.  The Welsh and English fans were all brilliant together and there was a great party atmosphere.  Everyone knew they had just seen one of the great rugby matches and were just happy to be out enjoying the after-match celebrations.

We had managed to make the night special for our clients.  We had booked them onto some great VIP guest lists for some of the top clubs – it’s always great to be on the list and not have to queue, especially when its freezing outside.  It made the guys feel pretty special and our outcall girls really put the effort in to boosting that VIP feeling.  We also got them into a great restaurant, where they could chat and all get to know each other.  This really boosted the good-feel vibe of the evening.

So, what happens when you are Welsh, your team loses and you are out with English fans – well, you have an awesome time of course – these girls love what they do!

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Written on: February 15, 2017 at 9:34 am by webadmin
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