Due to increased demand all around the South Wales area, we are hiring intelligent, sassy young women to become self-employed Escorts. You may be attending University in Cardiff, Treforest or Swansea and wondering how you’re going to cope with mounting student debts and fund a lifestyle that you can enjoy?

Escorting could be the answer! We asked Isla who goes to Swansea University to tell you a bit about it:

“I’m a second-year student studying in Swansea. I started working after my first year, trying various part-time jobs, working in a coffee shop, in a pub and as a waitress. None paid enough. The student loan didn’t even cover my housing, let alone living expenses, food, books and travel costs. I had trouble keeping up with coursework, especially if I worked evenings. For example, at the pub, I’d earn £7 an hour for an eight-hour shift, two nights a week, so I’d bring home about £100 weekly.

I’d just moved to Swansea from the North. My family are not well off, so can’t afford to help me much; I didn’t know anyone in Swansea so when I moved here I was starting from scratch. At first I lived in an overcrowded, noisy flat with other students. After I started escorting I could afford a place of my own. I have regular clients; I visit them at home, in hotels and occasionally at their workplace. It’s flexible and fits around my course, plus I can work the hours I want to – which lets me scale back around exam time or if I have extra coursework. It’s honestly the best thing I could have done.

If you’re thinking of becoming an escort, beware of scam agencies that will take money off you up front. Escorts South Wales register you on three websites, provide a professional photoshoot for free! You just simply pay a small commission for every booking we provide you with.

Sound Good? Call us today for an immediate interview on 029 2233 1165 or apply online at Escorts Employment

Written on: July 17, 2016 at 2:07 am by webadmin
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