Hi Escort fans,

So…Wales voted to leave the EU. Why do you think we did that? To make our country safer? To keep all of our money?

No, we think it’s so you can keep escorting British. We constantly hear horror stories from our clients, where they have had a bad experience with a European Escort. That’s why Escorts South Wales pride ourselves on our all British escorts…in fact, they are mainly welsh!

We’ve listed to feedback from our clients…You love the down to earth nature, sexy looks and soft accent that our escorts from South Wales possess. In fact, the Welsh accent has been voted one of the sexiest in the UK.

So, with a shortage of escorts likely in the future, you can be safe in the knowledge that Escorts South Wales, only employs British girls, most of whom are indeed Welsh. This means you know you’ll get a date with a kind, compassionate, intelligent sexy girl that you know you can have a great conversation with.

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Written on: July 04, 2016 at 9:20 am by webadmin
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