In case you didn’t guess by our last few blogs, like all true Welsh ladies we really love our rugby! We especially like it when we win (which, being Welsh, is most of the time!) so you can imagine the high spirits in the office this last weekend.

The Six Nations tournament kicked off to a spectacular start for Welsh rugby with a result for the tournament’s first match of Wales 34 v 7 Scotland which is a grand result by anyone’s standards! Over 74,000 people turned up to watch it live at Principality stadium, including a few of our girls who were lucky enough and early enough to purchase tickets when they came out. As you can imagine, quite a few left the stadium disappointed that day but even more left walking on sunshine!

No matter which of these some of Cardiff’s gentlemen fell in to, our stunning young ladies were there to attend bookings and console some hurt feelings among some of the visiting Scots who, we must say, were fantastic sports about their very temporary setback. Equally pleasant were their bookings with many of the elated Welsh fans who were more than happy to party the night away with some of the most stunning escorts to be found in Wales.

It really helps us as an agency that many of our girls are huge rugby fans too, so they were more than happy to discuss the match in earnest with many of their respected clients. In addition, it is making for some amazing photo shoots.

That’s right – for every week of the tournament we will be releasing some freshly taken images and videos of some of our jaw-dropping young professionals in rugby themed shoots. We’ve had quite a lot of eager volunteers so we hope that you’re ready for some truly mesmerising media! We’ll be showing these off each week on Snapchat Temptations Wales so make sure you have us added and can receive pictures and videos from us. This way you’ll never miss out on anything. Last week we started off with the stunning Nicole…

The next big match for Wales is next weekend where we will be facing off against some of the toughest opponents of the competition. It’s a Wales v England clash of the titans in London on the 10th February at 4:45pm. Both teams have had huge victories last weekend so it really will be a close one. Of course, we are predicting a Welsh victory!

Either way, the gorgeous young professional escorts of South Wales Escorts will be there to console and congratulate as is required. If you fancy celebrating this last stunning Welsh victory or relaxing yourself ahead of our next big clash, make sure to give South Wales Escorts a call on 07730 532328 or fill in the contact form (more than 24 hours in advance)

Written on: February 06, 2018 at 6:32 am by webadmin
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