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What a heart-breaking afternoon we had on Saturday! Following the astonishing success of our Rugby champions – legends, each and every man – all of us here at South Wales Escorts fully expected to see Wales give England a good thrashing on their home turf once again. But, as they say, habits are made to be broken. England managed to hold their own in their home turf for once and after a very long, close fought game where neither side was willing to give a single inch, the scoreboard read England 12 – 6 Wales. What a gutter!

Still, there was no need for our loyal Welsh fans to be down in the dumbs. We couldn’t do much for our fans in London, but we could make all of the Cardiff fans feel better. Our young professional escorts were out in high numbers of the weekend delivering tender loving care to the dejected Welsh fans. Needless to say by the time our young ladies were done with them, when asked what they thought of the result they could only answer “What’s rugby?”.

Another reason for everyone to be happy was gorgeous Imogen taking part in our weekly celebratory rugby shoot last week. She looked absolutely stunning and we could almost hear jaws hitting the ground and eyes shooting out of skulls all around the nation as soon as the pictures went live. Imogen truly is one of the finest – not to mention funniest – Welsh beauties out there.

You can see these images on Snapchat @Temptations Wales

One of the few who can give her a run for her money is Callie. Though new to South Wales Escorts, she is a truly beautiful young lady in every sense of the word. Her natural good looks, cascading blonde locks, warming smile, witty humour and gorgeous figure all make her a very popular escort throughout Wales. Callie will be doing our next shoot this week and taking on that rugby theme to make it all her own. We’re certain that her wit, charm, and guile will radiate through the pictures just as much as her toned body, perfect breasts and deep, emerald green eyes. Make sure to keep checking back so that you don’t miss out!

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