Its A Big Deal

If we made a blog about every great Welsh achievement, we’d run out of web space. Luckily, every once in a while we as Welshmen (Welshwomen…..Welshpeople..?) do something so amazing that it just jumps right out and begs to be written about in one of our eagerly anticipated blogs. You probably already know what we’re going to say, so big is the news. Cardiff City have been promoted to the Premier League!! The Bluebirds have played so well that they’re ready to compete against the biggest clubs in British football.

If you think we’re taking this news to heart, you should see the fans there on the day. They swarmed the pitch and were partying with the players and the officials – banners, flags and kazoos by the thousands. This was followed by a large open-bus parade through Cardiff city centre which drew fans from every area of the city and beyond, all decked out in their team colours.

This is obviously a huge deal for all fans of the sport, and a proud moment for all of us who live in or near Cardiff. But what does it actually mean for the city?

Cardiff is going to be more popular during home matches, bringing in fans from all over the country to watch. This means all of the local businesses will benefit too! Everything from pubs to takeaways to shopping centres will be seeing more business. As you can well imagine, South Wales Escorts will be doing a whole lot more business during those home matches too. This means that our girls might be a bit busy during that period, but they can always make time for you! So fear not!

What it does mean for us is that we can afford to keep improving our service and making sure that you as our clients always get the absolute best treatment possible at a price that’s very fair and won’t leave you short.

To make a booking with us, call us on 07730 532328 now and see what we have in store for you! Be sure to dodge the football crowds by booking today and getting a true taste of perfection.

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Written on: May 17, 2018 at 7:02 am by webadmin
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