Things To Note Before Becoming An Escort

Things To Note Before Becoming An Escort

Here at Escorts South Wales, we field a lot of questions from aspiring escorts who want to clear up some myths and misconceptions before they take the plunge of becoming an escort. Because 80% of the questions we field are the same, we figured we’d answer a few here so that those of you considering this career path can find the answers you need quickly and in full.

Is being an Escort all about sex?

We’d be lying if we said that sex doesn’t feature in the life of an escort. Your clients are paying for your time, usually for the purpose of intimacy and that may take the form of emotional intimacy, physical intimacy or both – and physical intimacy can manifest itself in sex on many occasions.

That said, there is a whole lot more to Escorting than sex. Many of our escorts have clients who will have dozens of bookings and never even make physical contact. Instead, in these cases our Escorts are being hired as companions to an event, a sympathetic ear, dinner dates, travelling companions or a whole host of other activities. There are dozens of reasons people hire an Escort, and only one of them is for physical intimacy.

Wait, so Escorts aren’t Prostitutes?

Not at all. A Prostitute is someone who sells sexual activity as their sole service. Escorts, on the other hand, sell only their time which leaves a lot of leeway for various activities from (as mentioned previously) dinner dates to international travel.

But you still rake in money, right?

Escorts are well known for making a lot of money in a very short space of time. It is not uncommon for escorts to make thousands in a single overnight booking – not including tips or gifts. This means they have a reputation for quick, easy money.

While it is true that this is a fantastic way to make money, it’s a bit like a career as a writer or a singer, or any other skilled trade. When you’re new and learning the ropes, you’ll generally earn under industry standard at first while you hone your skills and get your bearings. Don’t be disheartened though, because Escorting’s ‘below industry standard’ is still the sort of money where you make your month’s rent in two or three hours!

Within a few months to a year or so, you’ll go from a green newbie to a seasoned veteran, and will slowly build your list of regular clients which will hopefully eventually include a wealthy businessman or five!

There has to be a catch. Is it dangerous?

We won’t lie to you. Escorting can be a risky profession, but not more risky than any other profession where you work alone with a stranger. We’d equate it to being a personal trainer or similar. It’s unlikely bad things happen, but you should have a plan for when they do.

Safety tips like having a driver drop you off and pick you up, always verifying a client’s information and making sure someone knows where you are (along with a detailed paper trail) mean that you’ll be right as rain.

To avoid any contractual disagreements or upset clients, make it very clear beforehand services that you do or do not provide, along with any rules that you have. For example, almost every escort in the business has a rule where if a client is high on drugs or tries to press the issue of ‘bareback’ (sex without a condom) then the booking will end immediately with no refund.

Make this clear beforehand.

Wow, so Escorts decide what they will and won’t do?

Of course! We’re always shocked to hear the surprise in a prospective Escort’s voice when we confirm this! Any sexual activity without full consent of all parties is assault or worse. For any intimacy at all to take place, all parties must be happy. You’ll never, ever be made to do anything you’re not happy with and you are within your full legal and moral rights, whether independent or agency, to terminate a booking at any time and for technically any reason.

Though terminating bookings when you get bored or just don’t fancy it will quickly see your career ended due to lack of clients, it may sometimes be necessary to end a booking or just an activity for a range of reasons. You’re the best judge of the when and why!

Is there anything else I should know?

We’ll finish off by saying that there are dozens of types of escorts, so don’t worry about being ‘right’ for escorting in general. We have teen escorts, young escorts, and MILFs. We have busty escorts and petite escorts. We have blonde escorts and brunette escorts. We have all sorts! So focus on being the best escort you can be, and you’ll quickly dominate your bracket!

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