It’s been a mixed week for the gentlemen of Wales this week, with a little bit of disappointment mixed in with our usual abundance of great news. Let’s get the painful bit out of the way first!

The Wales v Spain match on Thursday went…not great. Our lads played very well but ultimately came out with a Wales 1 – 4 Spain result because though Wales played their best, Spain were just the more co-ordinated team on this occasion. We’re not too gutted because at least we can hold our heads high and say that we didn’t just throw the match away!


It should make everyone feel a bit better though, to know that we have updated the images for a great many of our escorts so there’s plenty of new eye candy for you to gaze at in wonder and amazement. One of the best things about these images is that they don’t need to be just images for long. One little phone call and the jaw-dropping beauty you see on the screen can be knocking at your door, or welcoming you in to her own specially-sourced and decorated working apartment. The excitement need never stop if you don’t want it to!

One of the reasons that our images remain this exciting is that we only accept into our ranks the very best in the industry. Escorts with lots of experience, stunning figures, incredible charisma, most position feedback and best, most well-earned reputations. We also welcome ladies new to the escorting industry as long as they meet our stringent standards. This means when you contact Cardiff escorts you know that you’re getting only the very best that Wales and the South of England has to offer.

Do you think you have what it takes to join our illustrious ranks? Give us a call and we can have a chat and get the ball rolling. You’ll never know what you can achieve unless you take the plunge. You won’t find any other job with as many benefits and as few obligations. We’d like to describe it as the perfect role, but we’d risk sounding a bit too confident. Not that we aren’t!

You can also join by filling in our online applicatin form here.

If you want to check out our escorts (either veteran or new to the agency), then call us on 07730 532328, where you can make a booking with them or let us know if you want someone else. Not sure what you want? No problem – we can help you choose the perfect escort for you! We’re all about client satisfaction so we’ll make sure that you have the absolute best time possible. Your only regret will be not booking more time.

Written on: October 14, 2018 at 10:26 am by webadmin
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