Hi Escort Fans,

Our Escorts clearly know how to enjoy themselves…They are not just naughty on the job, but naughty in their spare time too!
Take Cardiff based Escort Sadie. She recently caught a taxi in the middle of the afternoon following a shopping trip in central Cardiff. She thought the taxi driver was quite hot…he was staring at her in the mirror, this made her feel quite horny so she thought she play a little cock tease. She started flashing more and more cleavage and even flashed her pussy Sharon Stone style. All the time he was watching her in his rear view mirror.

She could tell he was getting hot-under-the-collar, so she gestured him to pull over in a quiet layby.
When pulled over, he jumped into the back. She could see his erection bulging out of his jeans, and she was feeling wet a slippery…just right for impaling herself on his massive cock.

So…That’s exactly what she did…right there in that taxi…

Were you the mystery taxi driver? If not…Would you like to be?

Call our booking team today on 02922331165 for you to live out your own taxi fantasy with one of our escorts in South Wales.

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