Here at Escorts South Wales, we really pride ourselves on how we treat our escorts and how much we care about our clients as well. To make sure we’re doing a good job, we regularly ask our girls for their feedback. This time, we have decided to publish the feedback from some of our most popular girls so that you can have a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be part of Wale’s most popular and high-quality escort service!


‘I love Escorts South Wales because they are amazing at everything they do! Joining them has been the best decision I have made since entering this line of work. The whole team are very close, even with management like Nicole and office staff like Emma, so that we’re all best friends and look out for each other.

The best part of the job for me though is the mystery. When there’s a knock at the door my brain goes wild. What will they be like? What do we have in store tonight? As a really highly sexually driven person who adores the physical side of the job, I love the chance to meet new people in a safe, supportive, fun work environment. It makes my role as one of the premier Bridgend escorts all the more enjoyable and relaxing.’


‘I have been working with Escorts South Wales for a few years now and love the work environment for its understanding and caring nature. You don’t find that in many other places, no matter if it’s escorting or in a more mainstream profession.

I am studying at university at the same time as escorting, and the management have gone out of their way to make sure my working hours fit well with my timetable. Absolute stars! I wouldn’t work anywhere else!’


‘I love working for Escorts South Wales because it is a really professional and discreet environment. I am always treated with dignity and respect by my clients, the other girls, the office staff like lovely Emma and the big, lovely-but-a-little-scary boss Nicole!  They run the business privately and with a large amount of confidentiality.

I love this job because I enjoy what I do and they make that so much easier knowing there’s a robust and friendly support network available should I need it!’

Well that’s wonderful feedback about the company, and about both Nicole and Emma too. They will be delighted! We hope that shed some light on what it’s like to be a part of us!

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