Halloween was a truly busy period in Cardiff, with lots of events and celebrations going on both in the city and the surrounding towns. A beautiful city full of beautiful people was always going to be a bit hectic over the holiday, but this year really took the cake!

We had The Big Fight in Cardiff which brought in crowds from all over the UK and beyond, as well as Cardiff vs Millwall in football which drew in huge numbers of fans from both sides. As well as the variety of sporting events providing a weekend draw to the city, it was payday for most people which meant one thing – fun times!

Our agency was really busy with all of these gents in town looking for a good time and who had money burning a hole in their pocket. They would only settle for the best, which is why we were so busy – the best is all that we offer! We had regulars who had just been paid looking to meet their usual girls for a good time at good value, and we had fans on holiday looking to splash some holiday cash on their trip.

Fortunately, our girls did not disappoint as we received lots of very positive reviews of both our girls and our agency. Good job all!

Busy as we were, not everyone was working. So, what did our girls do when not at work? Well, three in particular really threw themselves into the holiday festivities with vigour! They enjoyed themselves big style with lots of dressing up and hitting the town.

Eve went as an undead nun. Spooky! Who knew that dead clergy could be so sexy? No-one but Eve could have pulled that off! She got a lot of male attention, but I don’t think ‘undead nun’ is going to be added to her booking dress-up options any time soon! We hope.

Naomi went out dressed as a sexy dead mermaid, which is sure to upset all those fans of Ariel among us! Like Eve, she got lots of attention due to her stunning figure and dazzling smile, and no-one was put off by the fish part! Also like Eve, this probably won’t be a permanent addition to her services! Even if you ask nicely.

Nicole went a different way with her costume, and instead chose to pay homage to the late and great Hugh Heffner of Playboy fame. She dressed as a Playboy bunny and looked every bit the part! Her figure, face and smile are every bit the real thing and her outfit was a sure fire hit with everyone she encountered on her night out. Needless to say she was super popular!

All of our girls are now looking forward to the next, and arguably greatest, holiday. Christmas!!! Although a lot of scrooges amongst us won’t let us put our decorations up until the 1st December (booo!) we’re still looking ahead to the Christmas period with excitement. Want to see how our girls celebrate the festive period in their own unique ways? Stay tuned for some future blogs to find out!! We promise that it will be more than worth the wait.

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Written on: November 13, 2017 at 1:28 am by webadmin
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