Safety For Escorts

Safety For Escorts

Safety for Escorts

We’re all passionate about escorting here at South Wales escorts, but it’s important to remember that just like any other job where you frequently interact alone with the public – there are risks involved. It is just as important to know and understand these risks as it is to know the rest of your job. With enough knowledge and foresight these risks can be mitigated or eliminated fairly easily. If you’re part of an agency then a lot of this work will have been done for you, but if you are an independent escort then it will be all up to you to protect yourself from harm to your person or your money.

The overwhelming majority of your clients will be good folk. You’ll both turn up, conduct your lawful business, and then part ways without incident. Most of your clients will be regulars or return clients that you enjoy spending time with. However, it is important to make sure that new clients are who they say they are and that you are not exposing yourself to any unnecessary risk during your bookings.


There are three areas of focus in keeping yourself safe:
  • Verification of Clients
  • Anonymity
  • Financial Safety


Verification of Clients

If you work with an agency, every booking you get will have gone through a stringent vetting process and so you can rest easy that the booking is as safe as any other you’ll go to. You’ll still need your wits about you, but you know that most of the warning signs have been checked.

As an independent escort you must do these checks yourself. So what are you looking for? When first taking a booking, make sure to do so over the phone. You’re looking for a few basic red flags:


  • Slurring of words (possibly drunk or high)
  • Losing track of the conversation regularly (possibly drunk or high)
  • Stumbling over simple questions (possibly giving you fake information)
  • Reluctant to give over basic information (possibly trying to conceal something)
  • Answers don’t quite add up (fake information or concealment)
  • Other people in the background.


If any of these appear and it feels off, don’t take the booking. Say you have no availability, but you’ll let them know when you’re free. Which you never will be!

It is, of course, natural for a client to be nervous on the phone – especially if it’s their first time – but there’s a big difference between nerves and shadiness. You’re the best judge of that.

Make sure the address where you’re meeting is a ‘normal’ place – eg. not a sketchy bit of land in an industrial estate. You can do this on Google Maps. Have the client give a landline number and then call it to confirm.

Make sure you take your own transport to and from the appointment, and make sure that someone knows when you’re expected to be back. It can often be a good idea to have a driver take you places and then wait outside. This means that someone is waiting outside who is known to you and is the client is made aware of this it almost always ensures good behaviour.

Get as much information from clients as is viably possible. Clients should have a phone number where you can contact them, preferably a landline or hotel phone for outcalls or a mobile for Incalls.

If you are undertaking an outcall, make sure to arrive early and then visually scout the area out a bit. Is the location what you expected? Are there too many vehicles for the client to be alone? Is there loud music that indicates a party? For checking out whether or not the area is what you expect you can even use Google Maps before you get there. Go into street view and have a look around. If they’ve told you it’s their house but the address leads to an industrial estate then you have enough red flags to open a red flag store!

Remember the golden rule – if it feels wrong, then it is. Never be afraid to cancel. It is your right to terminate a booking at any time and for any reason.



Always, no matter what, avoid answering clients’ questions about where you live. This never ends well, and most genuine clients wouldn’t care about this information anyway. When a plumber comes to fix your tap or when your postman delivers mail – do you care about where they live? No, and you wouldn’t ask.

Always rent an apartment for this purpose and just use that, preferably with an intercom system that has a camera. Never use your home address. Also, on that note, never use your personal phone. Have a prepaid phone just for escorting under a different name to avoid any snooping.

It would be senseless doing all of this only to have your real drivers license in your purse. Make sure to leave identifying information at home or in your vehicle / with your driver.


Financial Safety

The most important rule about money in the escorting business – or any business – is that your life is of infinite value. This means you don’t risk your life or safety to try and keep money safe. If someone ever tries to take your money or belongings by force then it is best that you just let them and then let the authorities deal with it.

That said, there are a lot of other ways things can go wrong with payment and money, so there are a few safety tricks to keep you and your hard earned wages safe.

Ask new clients to pay a deposit to avoid time wasters, and always ask for full payment once you arrive. Never let the client pay afterwards. Make sure to count the money before you start to avoid disagreements later. You should then put this cash in a separate place to your other earnings if you have any on you, because showing a large quantity of cash to your client is a bad idea.

Invest in a special pen to check bank notes for authenticity because it is not uncommon for people to try and pay escorts in fake notes.

For more information on becoming an Escort or simply moving over from being an Independent to an Agency escort then please read HERE and apply within HERE we wish you well in your future choice as an Escort.

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