Do you need an escort for your Wales international match day? Call 02922 331165  I can tell you that our escorts would be more than happy to accompany you to the game and the post-match celebrations!

Maybe you have never been to Cardiff when Wales have played at home? You might even be wondering whether you should take up the option of going to the match or just giving the tickets to a mate who is a passionate rugby fan.  Stop. You never give away tickets to a Wales game at home.  Cardiff is the most amazing place to be on match day.  Let me give you a taster.

You will want to be in Cardiff early – I’d say 9am. Sure, the match starts at 3pm – but the trains start arriving early and they are filled with people for whom the party stared a couple of hours before when they started the journey.  The streets will already be humming – there will be face painters and daffodil hat sellers everywhere.  You can have the red dragon painted almost anywhere you want – these Welsh supporters are not shy people!

The bars have early doors – will have set up big screens – will have extended the bars with temporary trellis tables – to help keep the ale flowing.  You will be lucky to find a postage stamp space after noon.  It won’t matter your nationality – all will be welcome – though if you are not in red – you might stand out just a little.

The walk to the Millennium Stadium is something special.  There will be fans shouting and singing along the way – all friendly – all tinged with togetherness.  There will be kids with their dads, whole families out for the day – Mum more passionate than her teenage daughter, who is trying hard to look like she doesn’t care – but there is a gleam in her eye – a childish excitement.

You, and your beautiful escort, will have the treat of a pitch view that none of these fans will enjoy.  With your corporate ticket, you will see the pitch through the goal posts.  You will have full view of the big screen, which plays the match in close-up and shows the ticking score.  You can eat as you watch, drink champagne and network.  Our ladies know the priority is to make you happy and they will take your lead.  They can help you to work the room and speak with contacts or they can help you get washed away in the atmosphere of Cardiff on match day – the choice is yours!

Know this – if you come to Cardiff when Wales play rugby at home – just a little part of you will fall in love with the country.  Even if you are not from Wales, you will hope that some distant part of your heritage has Welsh blood.  Rugby in Wales is like visiting home – you just feel like you belong – and our escorts can make the day even more special, call 02922 331165 or maybe visit our Escort Gallery to book your escort for match day now.  We can help you get into some of the top restaurants and bars – we will get your name on the guest list – which when the city is this packed – is a bonus!

Written on: November 02, 2016 at 1:49 am by webadmin
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