Here’s the number – 02922 331165 – to call – I know you will want to know it by the end of this blog.  Kirsten and Brooke were clear that they had the perfect night.  The client, who travelled in from London, also had his perfect night.  When I tell you about it – you will want those details – trust me!

Surely, a night out with two beautiful women is enough to persuade you.  Surely? But it was better than just this – it was a night shaped in the mind of the client and he got to move through the evening at his own pace.  Sound perfect now? Add in great conversation, some top quality casino action, champagne and a quiet, high quality meal and then… well – this is the client’s business.

Here is what Brooke and Kirsten enjoyed most about the evening.  It was simple at first – but this is why the client returns you see – it was a quiet chat in a bar – a relaxed ‘getting to know you’ session.  Kirsten and Brooke know how to talk about the client without the client feeling that they are prying.  It is an art – something that only comes with talent.  This is the reason why this client travels out of London, comes to Wales, to have his perfect night.

From this chat to the casino and the fun picks up pace.  The client gets pleasure from his winnings but also sharing the action with his escorts.  Kirsten and Brooke get to keep the cash at the end of the evening that they are left with – so the enjoyment for them is real and this is contagious.  The client cheers them on and they are as nervous for him at each placing of a card.  This real is a great night out.

The meal after is better.  The champagne flows, whether to celebrate winnings or to be philosophical about the loses.  It is not about what you walk away with from the casino but the night you spend there – and the party has to continue through the meal and well into the evening!  The conversation flows now and the client is relaxed – his difficult week forgotten, his stress released.  Kirsten and Brooke help him to talk more about what he loves and how he hopes the evening will go.  It is important to them to feel that he is having his perfect night.

Was I right? Are you tempted? Here is the number again – just in case – 02922 331165 –and the website  Our London client has his perfect night and Brooke and Kirsten loved every minute along with him.  Your perfect night might be different – or not – but it is all within your design. 

Written on: October 10, 2016 at 1:14 am by webadmin
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