Our Adeline has been a very busy girl lately. Last week saw Adeline have an overnight booking which entailed a Coldplay concert, drinking and dancing, and a little private after party for two. After 17 years away, Coldplay played Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. The exclusive two dates are the only UK dates in the sixth leg of their ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ stadium tour. It was no surprise when ticket sales opened that they sold out in minutes. One of our very lucky clients managed to bag himself two tickets to the once in a lifetime event. For a guaranteed night to remember, who else but South Wales Escort Adeline to make sure a smile never leaves their face.

The concert was everything they hoped for and more. The vibrant, intoxicating colours and electrifying light shows lifted the crowd to another level. Classic track after classic track was played, and the crowd lapped it up. Like Adeline, Coldplay are truly professional performers. They know what their fans like, how they like it, and what really takes them to the edge. The Finding yourself hot, sweaty and sticky in a wild-like jumping crowd can sound terrifying on paper. In reality, it’s a euphoric, soulful experience that fills all the senses. The endorphins rush to your head and you forget about the outside world. All that matters is the here and now. Sound familiar?

After an amazing set by an amazing group, the concert was drawing to a close. However, not before they had one more surprise up their sleeve. With Wales being home to Coldplay’s guitarist Jonny Buckland, They treated their fans to a rendition of the welsh national anthem. Not without the mandatory welsh flag, of course. You can tell that this isn’t just another city, another venue, to these guys this is family.

Feeling such energy from the show, Adeline and her booking made their way to Cardiff’s famous Mocka Lounge in Mill Lane. Mocka Lounge is an exclusive, award winning cocktail bar in a stylish, elegant and luxurious setting. Here, they had a few drinks in the VIP section whilst they soaked in the after-gig glow. From there they set off to Soda Bar, a nightclub not like any other. They refuse to follow the crowd and write their own rules. Soda Bar offers an intimate, personal experience that you can’t find anywhere else. You can be with like minded people and let all insecurities go. As the night went on, Adeline and her booking made their way back for an after show party of their own. For others, they’ll remember the night as “when Coldplay came back to Cardiff.” For Adeline’s client, they’ll remember it as the time of their life.

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Written on: July 21, 2017 at 12:59 pm by webadmin
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