OUT WITH 2017, IN WITH 2018

OUT WITH 2017, IN WITH 2018

Well Christmas is over and all of us here at Escorts South Wales are making the most of the last remnants of the festive period as we rapidly approach the New Year. Soon it’ll be time to take down the Christmas decorations and store away those Santa suits until next year.

One young lady who was making the most of the Christmas decorations and festive outfits was Leah, one of our younger and newer escorts here at Escorts South Wales. This petite size 8 nymph with a razor wit and a heart of gold decided to make the most of what time she had left to enjoy the festivities and happily arranged a Christmas-themed appointment – which is something not unheard of here at Escorts South Wales. What is different is that Leah has a world-famous reputation as an exotic dancer. This means that her little performance as one of Santa’s elves was a sight to behold. We can assure you with some confidence that Santa did not have a big candy cane in his pocket and that yes, he was very happy to see her! Leah was not so much an elf on a shelf as she was a firecracker between the sheets, and left an extremely satisfied client.

This year it was Santa receiving a present he’s been waiting for all year, and it was all Leah’s client could do to try and stay in character while he was having the time of his life!

If you are a current Escorts South Wales client then you know just how incredible a booking with one of our girls is, and though you may never have seen one of our girls while you are dressed as Santa Claus and she a sexy elf, you can still understand the mind-blowing power of a booking and how it can easily cap off a good year or set a fantastic beginning for a new one.

If, however, you are not familiar with our girls then there is no time like the present to fix that! Treat yourself for the New Year and see it in with style. Starting a New Year with a bang is traditional after all, and you’re just getting the best bang out there!

To book Leah or one of our many other professional young women, call us on 07730 532328 or visit to make a booking. We will be closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, though we are open at the usual times on all other days.

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