Christmas Is Here

The Christmas period is here, and everyone at Escorts South Wales is super excited about getting into the spirit of the festive season. It’s not just us, though. Our clients are also getting very Christmassy and are beginning to ask the same question that comes up year after year.

Are they allowed to give our girls Christmas presents?

The answer is, of course, yes! Within reason, obviously. They can’t accept anything illegal – though that is common sense. We’ve never had a girl unwrap anything warranting a 999 call but we give the same warning each year all the same!

None of our escorts ever expect presents. They are skilled and trained professionals providing a high quality service, and do so gladly as part of their fee. They receive gifts rarely, but are always pleased to get them and see it as a pleasant surprise. So don’t feel pressured to get your favourite escort anything for Christmas, but if you do want to get them something then we have a few tips for your to really nail it the first time around.

1)     The Gift should be safe

No, this isn’t a rule about not gifting them samurai swords (although they should be avoided anyway). Any gift you get an escort should be something that won’t cause them any harm or be useless to them – so try to avoid perfume if they have sensitive skin or alcohol if they don’t drink. Your best bet here is to just ask your escort in advance what they can and cannot accept. A quick message or email along the lines of ‘I wanted to get your a gift for Christmas. Do you drink wine? Any favourite kind?’ will not only let you know if your intended gift is appropriate or not, but also helps point you in the right direction so you can really get them something they’ll enjoy greatly.

2)     Group activities are an unusual but interesting bet

For the more adventurous and outgoing gentleman, giving an escort a gift based around something you can both do together can be a good idea. We’re not talking Monopoly (because that’ll just lead to arguments as always!), but things like edible underwear, sexy clothes to wear, or other intimate gifts can really spice things up and give you both a Christmas to remember.

3)     The Gift should be handed over in person

Something is more special if handed over in person. This also ensures that you can be immediately rewarded for all your extra effort! On top of that, it avoids any awkwardness of trying to get the gift to your escort remotely. As a rule they don’t give out any address information and it’ll just get lost of bashed in the office. Make sure to book an appointment near the big day to get your present delivered in person!

Be careful you don’t leave it too late, though, since we are closed on Christmas Eve except for special pre-arranged appointments and are totally closed Christmas day. Our New Years availability will be available soon so make sure to watch this space!

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Written on: December 17, 2017 at 3:47 pm by webadmin
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