One of our regulars ‘Joe’ tells us how using escorts has helped his confidence soar!

“I have very low self-esteem around women. Although I find it easy to be their friend, I’m a red-blooded male so I often use Escorts South Wales to book women to come and spend some time with me – my housemate is the only one who knows about it.

“I like to read a bio and see a photo of them first, which I do online, and then I’ll call and book where she’ll come around to my house. I usually have a bottle of wine and flowers waiting for her, as I like to spoil them.

“The women I’ve been with – and there have probably been between 12 and 15 over the last year or so – are usually pleasant, polite and seem eager for me to have a good time. I sometimes request the same woman to come back again but it isn’t really that important. I like to have variety as I don’t want to get too attached to any of these girls. The problem is that it’s just so easy to book. I enjoy the fact that I can meet a new girl, have sex with her and then just leave it at that.

“There have been a couple of occasions where I haven’t had sex with the girl and I’ve just talked with her. I still haven’t fully understood why I do this but it certainly makes me feel better to be with somebody and talk, knowing they can’t tell anyone I know and that they won’t judge me.

“I’m sure that when I do find a girlfriend I like then I’ll stop paying for sex but for now, I find it better than going through life having no sex at all.”

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Written on: September 12, 2016 at 10:09 am by webadmin
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