This last weekend was a really big one for all of the girls who are part of South Wales Escorts. We booked out a nice big room at a luxury hotel for the entire weekend and invited the girls around to get their profile photos renewed so that our wonderful customers can keep getting an accurate sense of just how spectacular our girls are. We have always taken great pride in allowing our girls to showcase their best and most jaw-dropping assets, and therefore display their true selves. This weekend was no exception at all, and every single girl arrived looking absolutely stunning. They turned so many heads in the lobby that I am fairly sure we gave one poor guy whiplash. But that’s nothing compared to the other guy whose girlfriend caught him looking!!

EveCallieNicole and Scarlett all arrived at the same time and enjoying the chance to catch up with each other. Nicole and Scarlett enjoying this more than usual, as they had the chance to jump into a nice, hot, soapy bath together and frolic for the cameras. We somewhat suspect they were just doing it for fun though, as they continued long after the photographer was finished! We almost had to step in and get them out the bath before it went too far!

Nicole and Scarlett were not the only one to greatly enjoy their photoshoot. Eve turned up for hers as playful as ever, excited as she was for her photographs. She struck a whole load of stunning poses and her pictures came out great. We’re almost as excited as she is to get them uploaded so that we can show everyone just why she’s one of the rising starts in the South Wales escort scene.

Callie has been gone for a while, but we were very glad to see that she has not lost any of her looks or any of her technique while she has been away. Her natural sex appeal and radiating confidence really help accentuate her beauty when it comes to having her photograph taken, and the photographer was almost sad when she had to stop taking photos of Callie! They are due to go up very soon, so keep an eye out and you might get a chance to see exactly why this was the case very shortly.

As well as the photos of these gorgeous girls, we also got a bit of a secret side project done while we were there. We can’t tell you exactly what it is because that would spoil the surprise! But we can tell you that we had to bring in outside help to get the project done. An extra special guest visited us and allowed us to get this secret project complete – keep an eye on future blogs to find out exactly what that was! We promise that you will absolutely not be disappointed.

We’re also already getting harassed by the girls as to when the next photoshoot will be, even though their images aren’t even up yet. They’re that excited to see a repeat of this. We’ll have to see how long we can last before they wear us down. Probably not long!

Although we have the lovely Adeline in next Thursday for hers, make sure you return to see them.

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Written on: October 22, 2017 at 10:08 am by webadmin
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