New Images

Imogen’s new photographs have certainly caused a stir, as a huge number of you rushed to check out her latest display of stunning beauty and gorgeous elegance. Imogen absolutely adores the camera and that really shines through in each and every one of the photographs. In fact, many of the poses are Imogen herself directing – the photographer couldn’t get a word in edgeways! It’s great to have such a passionate group of women make up our team because we can always guarantee there’s never a dull moment.

Today it was Veronica’s turn to get her photos renewed with a professional photo shoot. She is a massive fan of the camera, and loves to dance and flirt around. Usually the photographer has to give models instructions on how to pose, but Veronica was way ahead at every turn! She is very much like Imogen in this respect, and we’re a bit worried that our photographer is having too easy a run of things!

It’s lucky, then, that we had a curveball to throw in. A truly gorgeous escort has made it through our selection process and is already making a splash because of her fun loving personality and her penchant for naughtiness. Anglo-Romanian escort Tara is our latest addition, and you will be able to see the result of her magnificent photoshoot on the website by the time you’ve finished reading this.

New Girls

Both Veronica and Tara will have their amazing photographs going up by Monday evening, so be sure to keep a close eye on the website to see what it is you can be looking forward to this summer.

To make a booking with us, call us on 07730 532328 now and see what we have in store for you! Whether the new pictures of Imogen have got you hot under the collar, you want a sneak peek at Veronica in all her glory or if you want to be among the first to spend time with another one of our amazing escort, we can make it happen. Or if you want something else entirely then that’s fine too. Lots of people don’t even know what they want so if that’s the case, give us a shout as well because we can be very precise in our advice!

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