Hi Escort fans,

South Wales Escort, Kate has just got back from Jamaica where she spent a week at the outrageous Hedonism resort in Negril.
She loved the soft white sand, turquoise blue sea, and laid back reggae vibe. However, her week was far from laid back, it was quite the opposite!
Her week sounded wild!  It basically consisted of Toga parties with very little being worn under the toga, stripping off and getting naked in the hot tub; we all know what goes on under those bubbles! Being invited to orgies, where to quote Kate, “there was tits and arse everywhere!”  Generally being a very sexually adventurous and naughty girl!
Kate is a very adventurous and passionate girl, and is a popular choice with many regular clients…her feedback speaks for itself!
Kate will tell you more of what she got up to next week, however; in the meantime, you can book Kate or any of our beautiful Escorts on 029 2233 1165

Written on: November 04, 2014 at 9:38 am by webadmin
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