Hi Guys,

Last week we promised we’d tell you a little more of what Kinky Kate got up to on her Jamaican Holiday.

So, Kate was on holiday at Hedonism, where anything goes. Now we knew she likes spontaneity, but this took it to a whole new level!

She had heard a whisper that there was a magical cave. A cave where all sorts of kinky things happen, mainly oral with strangers, so she just has to go check it out.

She found that cave in the nude section of the hotel (the hotel has a nude or a prude side); it was at the end of the swimming pool. There weren’t many people around, so she swam over to take a look.

She though there was no one in there at first, but could soon hear breathing…Before you know it, she had a huge erect bell end being rubbed in her face. She couldn’t see who he was but knew he smelt good, so went for it. She loves giving blow jobs, and really enjoyed the mystery of not knowing who he was…She still doesn’t know to this day as he left straight away!

She tells us she gets really turned on every time she thinks about her mystery encounter!

Next week we give you an introduction to our newest Escort, Jessica who covers the South Wales area.

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