One of the things to look out for when booking an escort, besides their appearance and what they are happy to do during your time together, is which areas they cover. Some escorts prefer to stay close to home or cannot travel far due to other commitments such as job, school or family. Other escorts are happy to travel a bit outside their usual area if the booking is sufficiently profitable, with a few escorts more than happy to travel pretty much all over the country and beyond.

At South Wales Escorts, most of our escorts cover CardiffBridgend and Newport. If you’re a discerning gentleman in one of those areas then chances are that the majority of our girls can make their way to your location to ensure that loneliness will not be something you become accustomed to, no matter if they’re visiting your home, a hotel room or somewhere a bit more fancy. Some of our better known girls in these areas include Blaire, Cherie, Elle, Scarlett, Lilly, Callie and Leah. Each one more sophisticated and gorgeous than the last, they are the perfect accompaniment to any leisure plans – day or night.

Some escorts are able to travel further afield than others. Ladies such as Adeline, Eve, and Naomi will travel throughout Wales and some counties within England for their work, happily attending bookings at locations such as Bristol or many towns within Gloucestershire. Given suitable notice and if travel costs are covered, they’ll turn up looking a million pounds – as if the travel had not affected them at all. We promise they didn’t teleport there, though you won’t believe that when you see how stunning they look!

Escorts such as Cherie are home-birds, and enjoy working in a smaller area where they can really get to know the people there, and the clients who pass through. Jazlyn really enjoys working throughout Ebbwvale and the surrounding valleys, the remote towns and hidden gems among the areas gentlemen a true perk of the job. She appreciates the views the countryside provides almost as much as her clients appreciate the views she provides!

Wherever you are, chances are that one of the South Wales escorts can come and meet you if their travel is paid and they’re given enough notice. So why spend time alone? Business trips don’t have to be boring, with an escort who will literally come to your hotel door! It doesn’t matter if you live deep in the valleys or are a visitor to the Cardiff city centre, you can get some high quality female company to keep your night entertaining. Just give us a call and get your visit sorted.

Call 02922331165 to book an escort in you’re area.

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