The UEFA Nations League is currently ongoing, and last week it was the turn of Wales to face down old rivals Republic of Ireland and a very tough Denmark . The UEFA Nations League is a new competition where every game counts. It will take place every 2 years, replacing friendlies with real competitive games, evenly matching them via leagues based on skills. Essentially, it’s a brand new football league in which every team is desperate to become the first ever winner of the trophy – earning a place in football history.

Wales soared to a stunning 4-1 victory over the Republic of Ireland on Thursday which started as a 4-0 lead and turned 4-1 with a token goal by the severely demoralised Ireland near the end. This was a spectacular display by the Welsh team and a fantastic way to start the league, with a victory that was not only well earned but absolutely total and unquestionable.

The city of Cardiff’s famous escorts were on hand to console the Irish fans, though, and no-one went home sad who met one of your girls for even a second – though all the wisest ones booked a lot longer than that!

Many lucky fans had this treatment straight away after – and even sometimes during – the match. That’s because our young professional Welsh escorts are more than happy to attend the match as well, as long as a ticket is provided for them.

Unfortunately, Denmark brought a bit of rain to Wales’ parade by scoring at 32 minutes and 63 minutes – both via Eriksen – bringing the end result to Denmark 2 – 0 Wales. The good thing about Welsh supporters is they’re not fair weather friends. They were still as proud and excited for the next match after their defeat as they were after their previous victory.

Wales are next due to play on 16thOctober, where they will face Ireland once again except this time on their own turf in what is sure to be a stunning away match. Perhaps you need some time with a gorgeous young lady before you fly or sail away, or want to book in advance for your return for a big of celebrating? Maybe you just need to pass the time while you wait for the big day? Then make a booking with us by calling us on 07730 532328 now and see what we have in store for you!

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