Horny South Wales Escort Grace recently accompanied her friend at her companies Christmas party in London.

Grace is the perfect party guest…stunning, stylish and incredibly flirty!

Her friend warned her to behave herself and not to flirt with the male employees, so Grace made a promise that she wouldn’t.

Whilst at the party, she was introduced to the MD of the company. Grace was instantly smitten…and so was he!

Grace wrestled with her conscience for a while, as she could tell that the MD was absolutely dying to fuck her…she could tell by the massive bulge in his pants!

This was making her rather moist, so she left the party room to get some fresh air.

MD followed her into the corridor, which is what she hoped for…he pulled into a dark room and pushed her onto the desk. Before she knew it, he’d pushed her legs apart and she was feeling the might of his cock between her legs!

She felt a little worried as she promised her friend she’d stay away from the employees…however she rationalised this by convincing herself the MD isn’t an employee so it didn’t count!

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