Fun In The City

Wales are keeping their momentum going in the sporting world, with the next big fixture coming in on the 16thOctober 2018 when they re-play Celtic rivals Ireland in a closely contested game of football. It’s very important that Wales keep the victories coming so that they can get a good shot in at the first ever Nations League Cup. Wales are bringing home that trophy! This naturally has our escorts more excited than usual and we’re trying to keep a lid on them.

Our escorts love football as much as the next person, and frequently even more. On most of their days of work our girls can be found in and around the various sports events throughout Cardiff and beyond, so stadiums have become something of a second home to them. This is good news for sports fans because it means that not only are our girls happy to talk sports, but they’re more than happy to go to football matches with their clients too! Not a lot of people know this, but once they do they’re more than happy to take full advantage of it and make sure to book a gorgeous young Cardiff escort for their next game.

If you can’t wait that long, then you can be sure to check out some of Cardiff City F.C’s upcoming fixtures for this week and next. They are playing a very exciting match against Manchester City this coming Saturday on the 22ndSeptember and Burnley F.C on the Sunday, the weekend after that on the 30thSeptember. Mark these dates in your calendar!

Whether it’s a Cardiff City F.C friendly match or a major fixture, as long as they’re playing at home our escorts are happy to go and watch it with you. Or, if they’re playing away, they’re just as happy plonked in front of a TV.

Want a companion for the next match, or just want a regular booking to melt away the stress? Make a booking with us by calling us on 02922 33116 now and see what we have in store for you! We promise that come victory or defeat, football will be the last thing on your mind once we spend a few hours with one of our gorgeous young professional escorts and find all the amazing things they can do to make you forget the outside world even exists in the first place.

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