Hi South Wales Escort Fans,

I recently went on a really unusual date over the bank holiday weekend, but I really enjoyed.

The client booked a girlfriend experience, and wanted me to go on a walk in the country. The office had briefed me that he has an outdoor sex fantasy, so was prepared for this.

We met in a car park of a popular beauty spot. His dog was lovely, a golden Labrador which I love!

We walked for about an hour, talking about all kinds of random things, when he stopped, told me I was beautiful and pushed me up against a tree to kiss me. He was a great kisser, and I was getting hornier and hornier by the second!

After thinking he would never get around to it, he pulled down my jeans, pushed me over a fallen tree and took me from behind, all the while kissing the back of my neck and telling me I was beautiful…it was extremely erotic, I get wet just thinking about it!

After we were both satisfied, he pulled me up and dusted me off, we continued our walking and talking, and ended up having a lovely lunch in a pub.

This date was a first for me, I really felt like I got to know the client, and know that I helped to fulfil an ultimate fantasy…

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Written on: September 03, 2016 at 1:45 am by webadmin
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