Hi South Wales Escorts lovers!

Last week, we began telling you all about a little massage that one our girls had whilst on a spa weekend.

It wasn’t just any old massage, it turned out to be a man, who was a little light with his fingers….we’ll continue where we left off!

After he flipped her around onto her back, he began to caress her cheeks, her neck and then her breasts, circling her stiff nipples sending tingles down to her groin.

She was thinking about how much she’d like him to just fuck her…and fuck her hard, when he started to gently bite her nipples, this sent her crazy with desire, she started groaning and bucking her hips. In response, he traced his fingers along her stomach and down to her throbbing pussy, circling her swollen clit and sliding his fingers deep inside her.

She could feel her orgasm rising, writhing and bucking on the bed, she screamed out as the waves of pleasure ran through her body. It took her a good five minutes to recover; her legs were like jelly…the masseuse had disappeared without a trace….

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