Lucia is one of our newest escorts.  She is 25, size 34B, bi-sexual – all important details for you.  She originates from Bristol but works in Cardiff and beyond.  She is happy to work as an Escort in Cardiff, Barry, Newport, Bristol or Swansea.  Lucia reminded me, when interviewing her, of the dedication and the professionalism of our colleagues and your escorts.  She was speaking about her commitment to health and fitness – it showed that she in no way felt it was to be taken for granted that she would always be beautiful, always be desirable.

So, here are some of her fitness secrets that she shared on that interview day, which made it certain that she was going to become a South Wales escort!

First – she runs a lot.  This is no gentle jog, whilst chatting to a girly friend.  This is a 5km sprint one day and a 10 to 15km endurance run another.  Running, according to Lucia, is great for the body. With the VIP dinners and the amazing clubs and casinos she visits – she needs to make sure she maintains her weight whilst also enjoying to eat.

Then, she enjoys some classes – spinning in particular – it works different muscles to running and helps her maintain those curves we all love.  The weight work helps her tone her limbs and keep the skin smooth.

She claims the most important message is to a) engage in exercise that causes you to perspire – or glow as she likes to call it – the sweat is detoxifying the body, helping keep skin young and inflammation that causes bags under the eyes never have opportunity to kick in.  She points out that for every hour she “glows” she drinks a litre of water – rehydration is also central to her stunning skin.

Finally, there is the time she gives to her mind.  Health is not just physical.  You need to be mindful of the effects of stress and anxiety on your outward appearance. Lucia always takes two days a week out of exercise.  She rests and recovers – this is when her body gets stronger, faster, healthier – the rest of the time she is shredding it to pieces.  She also takes part in yoga for flexibility for her clients but also for her spirit.  And then, one day a week, Lucia won’t be anywhere to be found, as she disappears into nature to help her ease back from the pace of her work and her fitness regimen.

You thought that being beautiful was easy.  You probably thought that a 25-year-old would have little concern over wrinkles, bags and sags.  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Lucia is not unique in her professional approach to escorting – all our women are conscious of the need to maintain an image and an aspiration for our clients.

If you would like to meet Lucia, then call: 02922 331165 or visit the website: and you may gainer a greater respect for the women who work to look great for you.

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