Fifty Shades Mania

Fifty Shades Mania

Hi South Wales Escorts Fans,

The whole world has gone Fifty Shades mad!  Have you seen the movie, or have you even read the book?

It’s basically an erotic twisted love story. The main character Christian Grey, only really gets off on S&M.  He had a tempestuous relationship with an older woman when he was a teenager and was introduced to the delights of latex and whips!  He corrupts a sweet virgin student called Anastasia Steele. Before you know it, he’s got her to sign a submissive contract, and introduces her to his ‘Red Room of Pain’. Before you know it, she tied up in his ‘Red Room of Pain’ being tied up and having a butt plug shoved up her arse! It’s a bit of a twisted love story really, and has probably been responsible for a massive spike in the interest of sex toys and bondage.

I bet you’d all like to act this out for real? Why not book a South Wales escort, the experts in role play, we can help you act out your ultimate fantasy!

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Written on: February 18, 2015 at 10:16 am by webadmin
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