Some of our wonderful clients book us regularly, and each time through one of our websites. That’s the way they get their South Wales escorts to them at their chosen time and day, and that’s the way they plan to always do it. Works for them, works for us! Some others, though, use Adult websites in order to find an escort or agency for them.

If you’re one of them, maybe you’ve noticed something very cheeky going on recently. We know we have!

There are agencies and girls appearing on those sites locally around us that suddenly have big red flags like 15 positive reviews all within the same 2 days, escorts who carry out every service, every day, yet have no personal contact details, and even escorts who for some reason are all identical and yet have different names. Hmmmmm! Any more red flags and we’re one empty field away from setting up our own golf course!

Now, barley anyone will fall for any of that. All they’re doing is ruining their own reputation and making their name synonymous with cheating, lies and bad customer service. Whereas what they should be doing is what most reputable services like us do – use only high-quality, professional escorts who try their absolute best at all times, take huge pride in their craft, and do whatever it takes to make sure the client has a great time, therefore building a reputation for high quality, reliability and discretion. This reflects well on the agency and is where true reputation and branding comes from!

Fake profiles and fake reviews can never be a threat to our girls, as true quality and service will always triumph. However, it does bump down the lists genuine, independent girls who may just be starting out and is not fair on escorts just getting into the industry who are just starting to build up a bank of reviews of their own. People will learn not to trust new profiles, and if that happens then how do new girls get a good start? Certainly, very selfish!

Don’t worry though, our ever-professional girls are all fully vetted so that people know even our new escorts are gold-star rated and a true reflection of our values as an agency.

Our message to those other agencies? Take our advice and start small, build up an honest bank of reviews, showcase your real girls and let yourselves make your own reputation honestly, because like gold or diamonds fakes are easy to spot and saving for the real thing feels and looks so much better!

Our message to our clients and those who haven’t used us yet but are looking for top-tier escorts? Give one of our girls a try and see why reputation is everything in this industry. We bet that before long you’ll be writing us positive reviews of your own. You’ll know our reviews are honest, open and reliable because one of them will be yours!

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Written on: September 27, 2017 at 1:20 am by webadmin
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