Escorting is a very good way to make a living. As an escort you get to choose your own hours, fit them around your life, do a job that’s actually fun and make a huge amount of money doing it. You know who goes to work in an office and makes hundreds of pounds an hour? No-one. That’s who. This may be one of the reasons escorting is becoming more popular. And as it becomes more popular, it comes more and more into the public eye. We’re lucky that it is slowly gaining more acceptance but with that acceptance comes intruding eyes such as documentary crews.

One of these documentaries, First Time Call Girl which aired on Channel 5, covered various escorts in Cardiff and as the premier agency in both skill, price and market share, we were asked to appear in this documentary and give the public an inside look at our business, our girls, our clients and our bookings. This was obviously a tough choice for us. We have always aimed to make escorting and being an escort client stigma-free, and continue to support the welfare of sex workers of all genders throughout the industry. That said, however, we have made a major promise to our clients and our staff which has always formed the cornerstone of our business.

Our Discretion.

Discretion is the key to everything we do. It’s why our young, gorgeous professional escorts work for us – they know that we can keep their identities safe, their reputations secure, and their safety paramount above all else. It’s why our highly valued clients know that when they make a booking, no-one will ever know about it unless they tell someone. Our lips are sealed and our records sealed even tighter so that there’s no breach of trust anywhere. We consider it sacred in the industry.

This is why we have chosen not to do the documentary, and to make sure that South Wales Escorts, our girls and our clients can all maintain their privacy.

Becoming An Escort

One of our major bits of advice to new escorts in the industry is to interview with a few agencies and ask about discretion procedures. Make sure that they hold your best interests at heart. Your reputation and your discretion is absolutely vital and must always be protected – above fame, above money, above opportunity.  You never get a second chance at secrecy, so you have to get it right first time.

Written on: September 09, 2018 at 4:01 am by webadmin
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