Hi Welsh Escort Fans!

The weather was a bit of a let-down this bank holiday…didn’t quite have the sunshine we’d hoped for…However, I’m about to brighten your day with an insight into the sexual preferences of some of our escorts

Liza from Swansea loves to fucked in the shower …the water pouring over her head whilst you slam her up against the wall and wrap her legs around your waist really gets her going… in the absence of a shower, you can bend her over the bathtub, grab her hips and take her there…

Kayla loves to be on top…she’s a cool calm character and loves nothing more than to be in control with her man melting underneath her whilst she rides him hard…the deep penetration really gets her going!

Sophie just loves to seduce with a sexy slow lap dance…you sat in a chair whilst she slowly undoes your trousers…gyrating and grinding on you the whole time….and before you know it, she has slipped it in and is squeezing you tight…bet you can just imagine that!

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Written on: May 28, 2015 at 8:11 am by webadmin
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