End Of The Six Nations

South Wales Escorts have been keeping a very close eye on the Six Nations this year – and not just because the visiting fans bring us a lot of business. We’ve mainly been keeping an eye out because from the admin staff to our stunning young escorts, we’re huge rugby fans in almost every case. We’ve had a riot of a time watching each match, and none more than the absolutely nail-biting, edge of the seat action as our boys played their final game against France. An absolutely stunning 14-13 victory topped off the competition for Wales as they came out second overall, despite not winning two of their matches.

With the competition coming to a close, this also means that our rugby themed photoshoots are coming to an end as well. It’s not all bad news though, because we have plenty more in the works that we’re certain are going to blow your socks off. You’ll be hearing more from us soon but for not let us just assure you that this hasn’t been the high point of your year just yet! We’ll let you know more when we have more to show you, so make sure to keep an eye on our blogs for the time being and to keep some time free later in the year. You’ll never know what you’ll be wanting to get up to!

If you’re sad that it’s all coming to an end, then that’s pretty normal. Our girls are pretty bummed out too. The solution? Why not take a bit of pleasure in each other’s company over the coming weeks. Find a few hours somewhere and spend them with one of our stunning young Welsh escorts, so that you can both find a whole host of new ways to make each other a huge amount happier. It’s only fair to warn you that pretty much everyone comes back after spending time with one of our stunning ladies, so make sure you have a few hours free for the next few months too!

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Written on: March 29, 2018 at 12:54 pm by webadmin
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