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Easter is upon us…which means mostly one thing to us girls…Chocolate!

We all love a chocolate Easter Egg, however we think you can tell something about a lady by her favourite Easter Egg, so we have asked a few of our sexy escorts to let us know theirs…Read on!

Gorgeous Grace loves a Walnut Whip Easter egg. She says it’s just like her! Once you have rubbed it the right way, you’ll make it melt. This will reveal a delicious sweet creamy centre that just begs to be licked out with your tongue…but of course, you’ve save the nut until last…

Sultry Brunette Sadie loves the nation’s favourite Crème Egg. She says that the sweet sugary creamy centre is incredibly addictive and moreish just like her! She also loves how it’s impossible to lick it out without all of the juices glistening on your chin!

Hot Headed Vixen Sophie loves a Lion bar egg…not only does it come with a mighty roar like her, it has a sweet chewy centre that you just want to snack on forever…

Petite Darcy just loves chocolate full stop. She says she prefers it when it’s melted, and her dream would be to be the centrepiece of a chocolate fountain, with the warm rivers of chocolate running down her body and a number of scantily clad buff men licking it off her…

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