Hi South Wales Escorts fans!

Have you been looking at our girls for a while and not yet plucked up the courage to book?

Let us help you through the process…. it’s not rocket science, we promise!

Booking an escort can be one of the most thrilling sexual experiences you’ll ever have. The anticipation of waiting for your chosen girl to arrive can be nerve racking…don’t be tempted to drink too much to calm your nerves…alcohol will dampen your senses and possibly ruin the experience for you.

When your chosen lady arrives, be a gentleman and offer her a drink. If she’s driving, it will probably be a soft drink so don’t be offended by this.

Take ten minutes to chat, flirt and build up some sexual tension. This will only add to your experience, and make sure you take some time to admire the beauty of the girl that has joined you for the evening.

If your nervous, tell her. She won’t mind!

Most of all…just enjoy yourself!

To book one of our beautiful escorts in Swansea and South Wales, call our booking team today on 02922 331165.

Written on: March 07, 2016 at 3:57 am by webadmin
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