If there’s one thing men always wonder about secretly, it’s how they stack up to everyone else in the penis department. With some men publicly claiming that they put horses to shame and others secretly very afraid that they’re below the average (it’s surprising how often these two men are the same person!), it’s become a bit of an obsession for the teenager and the middle-aged man alike to pursue an answer to the age old question:

How do I stack up?

Well, International Andrology have conducted a survey and found that out of all of the United Kingdom, Welsh man have the biggest penises at 6.56 inches long. This is assuming the men of Wales told the truth about their size – which is something we can debate on another time! What matters is when it comes to swinging around a huge penis, it is Welsh men that need some extra room at the urinal.

Now here is the important question. Who came last? I know many of the men reading this are crossing their fingers, toes, and anything else that they can cross to ensure that it’s not their area. Bad news for our East Midlands readers. I’m afraid you are the most likely to elicit a giggle from your lover when you remove your pants!

Or maybe not.

The International Andrology survey also measured several other things, such as how satisfied women reported themselves being in the bedroom on average. In the East Midlands this was a massive 71.43%. Way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, East Midlands! Turns out if you’re a woman who needs the cobwebs dusted from her rafters, they’re giving out female orgasms like hotcakes around Lincolnshire and Derbyshire!

So what about Wales? Surely such huge members will see a rate nearing 100%. No, not near! Wales will settle for nothing less than 100%! Orgasms for everyone!!

Turns out that it is bad news on that front. The satisfaction rate for Welsh women in the bedroom is an embarrassing 51.14%. Oh no. Just to rub it in – that’s the second lowest in the United Kingdom.

If you take the time to ask any woman, they’ll tell you that it’s not the size that counts, but what they do with it. Our South Wales Escorts were very much of the same opinion. They say that whether you’re above or below the average, most women won’t even register it unless it’s an extreme, like if they need directions to find it or a cargo trolley to move it. What matters is that you have the confidence and the practice to know how to use it.

Feel like you may be a bit behind on the practice? Our escorts love nothing more than a nice, big Welsh willy! They’re also more than happy to give you the practice – whether you really need it or not. To them, the men of Wales will always be able to fulfil their fantasies and desires.

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Written on: October 17, 2017 at 10:38 am by webadmin
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