Deciding Wether Independent or Agency Escorting Works For You!

Deciding Wether Independent or Agency Escorting Works For You!

As a self employed professional, each escort has to choose how they want to go about their business. One of the major attractions to escorting is this very fact – you get to have an unparalleled level of freedom and control that very few other jobs offer you. This means, though, that each escort needs to be sure to pick the right business avenue for them and that their chosen profession works well for them. The biggest influencer of this by far is whether an escort chooses to join an agency or embark on their journey as an independent professional.

There are a number of pros and cons to each, like most things, and there is no right or wrong choice. The two methods do vary a lot though and will suit different types of people more than others. The best judge of whether this is right for each escort will be they themselves, so we’ve compiled a list of major differences to help both aspiring and current escorts in choosing which path to go down.

We’ve covered many of the major areas of escorting – Administration, Payments, and Safety. This gives a good overview of the effects of each choice and how it may suit different personalities.

Marketing & Administration

Agency:When working for an agency, all of your marketing is done for you. From photoshoots to written bios to offers and features – everything goes on in the background largely without you knowing. They will also often keep an eye on market trends and adapt appropriately. When those clients do call, they will sort out the whole booking process from start to finish. All you have to do is turn up on the day.

Independent:When working for yourself, you will find that the bulk of your time isn’t spent with clients. A lot of it is the ‘other stuff’ that comes with being an independent, self-employed professional. Marketing must be done in your own time and taking phone calls must be done in your time as well as time consuming texts which can lead to a no booking after all. This can be an issue when working alone because you can’t answer the phone to take phone calls while you’re with a client. This can result in lost business. You will also be responsible for registering and subsequently paying your taxes.

Payment and Fees

Agency:When you work for an agency who does most of the work for you, it’s not out of the goodness of their hearts. They take a fee from each of your bookings. If a client pays you £XXX, you will only get a percentage of that fee which is stipulated in your contract with the agency. Some escorts don’t mind this due to the work that goes into securing an official booking, others don’t like someone else’s hand in their pocket.

Independent:Working as an independent escort, as can be seen above, does involve a lot of extra work. However, when it comes time to get paid – it all pays off. If you get £XXX for your booking then that is your £XXX to spend how you like. Kind of. You will be responsible for paying all of your expenses such as adverts, sexual enhancers, and other generic business expenses so it will be important before you start to work it out and make sure whether you’d make more money as an agency escort or an independent escort.

Safety & Security

Agency:When working for an agency you are still technically self-employed, but the agency does have a number of obligations to you – some legal, some moral. A good agency will prioritise their escorts’ safety above all else. Most importantly they will screen clients to ensure that no ‘bad eggs’ make it through the cracks. Drunk on the phone? Blacklisted with other agencies for bad behaviour? Cagey and reluctant to confirm their identity? They’re going in the ‘No’ pile. A good agency will not only screen out these unsuitable and dangerous clients, but also act as a good safety net for the actual bookings. They know precisely where your bookings are, when, with whom, and how long for. This leaves a colossal paper trail and is the reason that badly behaved clients tend to avoid agency escorts.

The agency will often also have their own locations which are used, which adds an extra layer of security.

Independent:When working independently, you must perform all of your own safety and security duties. This means that you must invest time screening your clients, and make sure that when you go to a booking that someone who isn’t you knows who you’re meeting, when, where, and for how long. Escorting is a lot safer than Hollywood would have you believe, but we’d be lying if we said that there wasn’t some element of risk. Make sure you have a system for screening out bad clients, that you can verify identities, and that – should one of these bad clients make it through – people know where you are. It’s time-intensive to set up and maintain, but could save you a lot of money, upset or worse down the line. You are also, of course, responsible for sourcing your own locations and paying for them too.


Like any self-employed professional in any business or vocation who works on a contractual basis, escorts must make sure that the way they choose to do business suits both their personality and their lifestyle. Though some will want a very high degree of control over every single element of their working life, others will want to relinquish some of that control in order to get a more low-effort, high-pay lifestyle. Each path will be more attractive to different types of people, and neither is better or worse. It’s all about making the right choice. Hopefully, this list has helped you make yours!

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