Client Code Of Conduct

Client Code Of Conduct

Here at Temptations we’ve built our entire reputation on the professional behaviour and expert skill of our escorts. Our customers know when they book one of our fine young ladies that they can rely on this. However, what can our escorts rely on? Do they not have the right to know that there is a standard of behaviour they can expect at their bookings to ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable experience? Yes, they do! We have a ‘Code of Conduct’ below that is well worth reading. Most of it will sound obvious, some of it will sound severe, but it’s important to have all of this obviously stated so that our very best escorts can attract the very best clients!


Please Do:

Be Clean​ – Have a shower directly before the booking, or even during the booking (most places have shower facilities available) in order to make sure you’re squeaky clean for your time together. How would you feel if your escort turned up having been in a hot room for 14 hours and not showered? You’d make a complaint and be right to do so! Show your chosen lady how much you respect your time together by making sure you’re all spruced up. Rose-scenting optional, of course!

Pay at the Start​ – Make sure to pay in cash in a blank envelope at the earliest opportunity. This is considered polite and expected. It’s best to get the unpleasant bit out of the way before the fun starts – wouldn’t you agree?

Be Respectful​ – Like any service provider in any industry, our escorts have a right to work in an environment that is safe, secure, and comfortable. Being subjected to any kind of disrespectful or abusive behaviour will result in the immediate termination of the booking, and possibly (if required) involvement of Police. We never have this happen, but it’s always important to bear in mind!


Please Do Not:

Ask for Unprotected Sex​ – This is a major no-no and will result in the immediate termination of the booking and blacklisting from all future services. It is also worth bearing in mind that attempting unprotected sex without permission (eg trying to do it secretly) is rape and carries a lengthy prison sentence.

Use or Bring Drugs​ – A major, and obvious, no-no. Don’t come to a booking under the influence of drugs or alcohol and don’t bring any to the booking. If you do, it’ll be terminated. A bottle of wine is fine, but always ask beforehand to be sure.


Jeopardise Safety ​- Any unsafe or unusual behaviour may result in an escort feeling unsafe. If she feels unsafe, she will terminate the booking. Don’t forget that because escorting is entirely legal, our girls have no problems summoning police assistance if required! If in doubt about anything you want to try out or experiment with – please do ask! Our girls are very approachable and the worst you can get is a polite no.

Ghost​ – Don’t ever just not show up to a booking, as it wastes everyone’s time, effort and patience. This is real life and things do crop up from time to time that demand an urgent change to our plans, but please do give us as much notice as possible beforehand.

These very basic and easy to follow rules ensure a good time is had by all! Be sure to follow them and enjoy your booking!

Our ladies are available across South Wales for Out-Calls please call to make an enquiry on 07730 532328 


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