Boy did the Welsh roar on Friday night… on and off the pitch the passion was high and the fire was in the bellies.  What is amazing is that our outcall girls got to go to the match because they had been booked by clients with tickets.  Seriously, that is just too lucky.  Six Nations… Wales versus Ireland…. In Cardiff…. On a Friday night.  It is not just that it is rugby, in Wales, on a quality night for a party in the capital city – but it is the Irish – these people know how to party and know how to love their sport too.  This was a great night to be an escort in Cardiff!

The game was a classic too.  It was none of this stale-mate scrum perfecting rugby.  This was battle charging rugby – man running at man.  From all accounts, you could hear some of the clashes of body on body in the crowd.  It was brutal.  Pre-match chat, as client and escort downed beer, had been focused on the so-called over-rated Halfpenny and North.  Well, the two tried from North and some solid kicking from Halfpenny certainly proved all wrong during the match.  All the crowd seemed to agree that the lads had shown up and proved people wrong.

The whole game was spent singing along with the rest of the Principality Stadium and shouting random instructions to the players – who could obviously hear every word and respond to all instructions given.  The victory was a bonus – but one the Welsh needed.  The escorts were delighted too – the clients were already having an amazing night and all they needed to do was enhance the experience.  Trust us, our ladies know how to enhance a great night out!

So, with the match over, piling out the stadium, it was time for the escorts in Cardiff to take charge and show the clients a great time.  With VIP passes and reservation to the best restaurant in hand, there was no queuing with the rest of the rowdy supporters – straight into the best clubs, into the best areas, straight to the bar – not too crowded with those normal punters – our clients are always VIPs.  The celebration continued late into the night with lots of laughs with the Irish lads and lasses – who always know when the game has ended and the party has started.

There are many bonuses to being an escort in Cardiff, Barry, Newport, Bristol, Swansea… but this has to be one of the best ways to celebrate the love of the life of an escort.

The clients continued to enjoy their night… but let’s be clear… there are going to be no more details here.  It is enough to suggest that it is not only on the pitch that Welsh Dragon’s roar… if you see what we mean!

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