Despite general misconceptions, being an escort is a choice and our colleagues have the right to agree to a client or not. At South Wales Escorts, we believe this is their right and respect that. The great thing about this is if the escort comes back to meet with you again, it is because they would like to.  However, if they don’t want to make you a regular client there may be some issues that you need to address as a client.  Here are some tips that could really help you out.

1.     Hygiene

You should never expect to get into someone else’s personal space if you have not taken care of your personal hygiene.  Yes, you are the client and clients are mostly right – but it is unfair to expect someone to get close to you if it is unpleasant.  Check your breath and have a shower – treat your partner with respect that all human beings deserve.

2.     Cheap

This is not about if you buy a lot of drinks for your escort.  This is if you stay too long, longer than your allocated time and think it is ok to refuse to leave.  Your escort won’t be clock watching but equally she shouldn’t have to ask you to leave, when there is a clear amount of time being taken that is not being paid for.

Another issue is paying too little at the end of the evening or in the morning.  Paying up front is the best way to deal with the concern that money needs to exchange hands, we suggest!

3.     Annoying or tiring sex

This is not a criticism of clients who do not perform well.  This is those who chose to be passive and expect our escorts to do all the work.  Sex is much better when it is reciprocal and there is an interchange of movement.  If one person is having to do the thinking and moving, they are soon going to get very tired indeed!

4.     Being rude

It is unacceptable to be rude or aggressive with our escorts.  Be polite and respectful and the escort will want to come back time and again.  Being a strong person rarely requires you to be domineering, it is just about knowing your own mind.  Therefore, it is great if you tell your escort what you would like to happen, it is not ok to order them around and call them names, to ensure they feel lesser than you.  This is not a great ingredient for an amazing relationship.

5.     Turning into a stalker

Turning up inappropriately, approaching them when you see your escort in Cardiff city centre or ringing again and again to try to speak to your escort – these are all behaviours that are going to

make your escort step back.  They are not going to fall in love with you, even if you love them.  They respect the fact that you might have feelings for them but they will not cross professional boundaries.

Escorts are human beings too and not just for Christmas… jokes aside, be aware that every escort has a choice and if you want to meet them again – take some care to behave well.

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