Hi South Wales Escort Fans,

The General Election is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, with a number of people still undecided on who to vote for…so we thought we’d bring a little sexual humour into the mix and asked some of our todays Escorts  which politicians they’d like to have a little fun with…

Grace would like to party with the mighty charismatic David Cameron…however; she states it would be a private party, where the leader would be quickly established. The other would be the submissive partner just like Clegg in the perfect coalition. No expenses spared, and every penny spent would reap huge rewards of a kinky sexual nature…He’s have to be her slave on the national minimum wage though….see how he likes it! Beneath that calm exterior that Cameron exudes is a bit of a deviant we think!

April is a woman of few words…more the action type, she’s very sexually adventurous and usually up for anything…she would love to indulge in a threesome with the Milliband brothers…She reckons they look well up for a bit of spit roasting, and says that if David gives head with the gusto he eats a bacon sandwich she’s in for a real treat!

To party with Grace or eat bacon butties with April call our friendly booking team today on 02922331165

Written on: May 04, 2015 at 6:18 am by webadmin
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